BabelBark is a cloud-based software platform that addresses three industry pain points in a complementary way.

• For pet parents who are frustrated by the lack of technology-enabled solutions, our mobile app (paired with a human grade fitness monitor) can track each dog’s health and sync with veterinarian or service providersystems and devices.

• For veterinarians who are struggling to compete against large corporate hospitals, BabelBark provides access to pet data drawn directly from the client’s mobile phone, enabling a variety of value-added service possibilities.

• Finally, for independent pet businesses that lack technology and advertising budgets to rival pet superstores, BabelBark provides a marketplace and CRM solution to locate and engage with clients.

Pets can't speak for themselves. At BabelBark, we use technology and a community of experts to give each pet a voice. Our team of engineers,veterinarians, and industry experts are dedicated to improving the lives of pets.

Tel: 800-966-3428

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