Elucidate, Inc.

The Elucidate, Inc. team is made up of some of the most talented and innovative thinkers in the software development industry. With almost three decades specializing in connectivity, UI/UX development and systems architecture our team can help enhance and clarify the way the veterinarian industry shares data and communicates critical information that may be difficult to share in its current state.

Our team has a diverse skill set with experience in numerous industries with a concentration in animal and human health information. Our mission is in our name, we want to bring more clarity and illustration to the information you feel is most important for both external customers but also internal teams.

With one of the hottest topics in the veterinarian industry today being improving communication in a digital world, reducing client attrition and increasing client loyalty and education we believe Elucidate has the best solution in the market today. It is our company’s goal to continue to bring new innovative and comprehensive products to the market to help not only improve the client experience but also enhance the veterinarian’s experience.

402 Rockefeller #111 Irvine, CA 92612
Tel: 615-613-4883

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