PAW5 began in 2015 with a simple problem: cofounder Dennis O’Donnell was trying to find an easy-to-use, but challenging feeder for his yellow lab, Dory. Some products were challenging, but were also messy and difficult to fill. Others were easy to fill, but more frustrating for Dory than they were engaging and enriching. So we built a team of dog-crazy people, and together made the Rock ’N Bowl—an easy-to-use, easy-to-clean puzzle feeder that challenges and engages dogs in their most natural behavior. We’re ambitious as a company, because we love what we do. We love our dogs, and want the best for their unique doggy personalities. We recognize that dogs aren’t people, and need products designed from their point of view and behavior. We love our community, and want it to grow and prosper. And of course, we truly love our planet, and want it to remain inspiring and beautiful. We’re grateful that you’re our customer, and play such a huge part in making PAW5’s vision grow.

3901B Main St., Ste 106 Philadelphia, PA 19127
Tel: 215-383-1654

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