Vets First Choice

Vets First Choice helps veterinarians use the latest technologies to better manage patient prescriptions, practice inventory and overall client communications for improved patient care and financial results. The company provides veterinarians with a digital prescription management platform, a modern, professional online store, a fully accredited pharmacy service, access to thousands of products, and a friendly, effective way to communicate with pet and horse owners. The system improves compliance and puts veterinarians back in control of their own pharmacy. Setup is easy, fast and free.

With the service veterinarians receive access to more than 8,000 SKUs, including compounded meds, diets, supplements and generics, as well as a client reminder service to make compliance easier. What's more, a recent pharmacy study group found that when clients pay for products separately, they are more willing to pay for more services.

7 Custom House Street, 2nd Floor Portland, ME 04101
Tel: 888-280-2221