Z BioScience

Z BioScience is a biotechnology company that has developed the next generation of cleaning products. We use a revolutionary approach to clean surfaces down to the microbial level. Unlike traditional anti-bacterial cleaners, our powerful products are non-toxic, certified green and break down the microscopic film to truly clean the surface. We offer exclusive products for cleaning, allergy management, animal husbandry, odor removal and healthcare. We are committed to delivering True Clean through our proprietary probiotic products, which can reduce surface contamination to almost zero (as measured with ATP) creating healthier environments for people and animals. Z BioScience products do not contribute to the development of resistant super bacteria and can maintain clean surfaces for up to three days. Our products are biodegradable and may be used with confidence around children and pets.
800 S Ohio St. Tuscola, IL 61953
Tel: 217-253-9010

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