40 Watt CO2 Surgical Laser System

Cutting Edge Laser Technologies has launched a new 40 Watt CO2 Surgical Laser System. The 40 Watt CO2 Laser delivers 25 watts of power in Super Pulse mode, an improved user interface and more efficient CO2 canisters. These advances improve clinical outcomes and provide for easier and more convenient operation, while lowering the overall cost of ownership. The metal CO2 canister of the 40 Watt CO2 Laser is more efficient than glass in its ability to produce the photons used to vaporize tissue. The handpieces are autoclavable and the balanced articulated arm offers maximum maneuverability, providing 360⁰ handpiece rotation, on any axis. An aiming beam allows the surgeon to see exactly where the laser energy will be applied to the patient before the energy is engaged. For fastest response visit celasers.com/40W

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