Alfaxan Multidose

The FDA has approved Alfaxan Multidose, an injectable anesthetic with the same formulation attributes as original Alfaxan but with an added preservative system to extend product shelf life to 28 days after the vial has been broached. Alfaxan is a versatile induction agent for cats and dogs for use in both induction and maintenance of anesthesia. The new Multidose formula is perfect for veterinarians who do not routinely use an entire vial in a single day’s surgical procedures. According to Jurox representatives, Alfaxan combines pharmaceutical attributes with a patient-friendly formulation. The active pharmaceutical ingredient, alfaxalone, is a progesterone analog and neurosteroid with a high margin of safety across all species. In addition, Alfaxan’s formulation is an aqueous solution at a pH of 7, which suggests tissue safety.

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