Benchmarks 2015: A study of Well-Managed practices

Numbers don't lie. And they're all here! How do some practices provide top care and still pull in serious profit? Fresh from surveying some of the best-performing animal hospitals in the country, Veterinary Economics and Wutchiett Tumblin and Associates have the answers inside the latest "fees, revenues & expenses" edition of their Benchmarks series.

This fact-filled, data-rich study reveals the fees, revenue, cost control, and forward thinking that are essential to running a well-managed practice!

Fees: Price Your Services Right

  • 200+ median fees for veterinary services & procedures
  • How you stack up against the competition
  • Helping clients see beyond price and recognize value

Revenues: Rejuvenate Your Growth Centers

  • Key findings from well-managed practices
  • What patient count says about business health
  • New sources: cats, dentistry, nutrition and more

Expenses: Be More Efficient

  • Up-to-date figures for the full spectrum of costs
  • Energizing team members by understanding them
  • Strengths, weaknesses, threats and opportunities

Strategic Planning: Your Blueprint for Success

  • Why step-by-step planning beats day-by-day living
  • The elusive work-life balance
  • Purchasing a practice, co-ownership, and more

How does your practice compare? Benchmarks 2015 includes everything to make it easy to use study results, recommendations from leaders, and management tools for making your practice the best it can be!

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