Comparative Anatomy of the Mouse and the Rat: A Color Atlas and Text

Comparative Anatomy of the Mouse and Rat: A Color Atlas and Text, authored by Dr. Gheorghe M. Constantinescu, provides detailed comparative anatomical information on mice and rats, describing the anatomical features and landmarks for conducting a physical examination, collecting biological samples, making injections of therapeutic and experimental materials, using imaging modalities and performing surgeries. The book features detailed, full-color images, making it very user-friendly for investigators, students and technicians who work with animals. The text provides essential information for research and clinical purposes, describing some structures not usually shown in any other anatomy atlas. In each set of illustrations, the same view is depicted in the mouse and the rat for easy comparison. A valuable resource for those working in laboratory settings, it will also be helpful for veterinary students and newly qualified veterinarians working with rodents in general practice.

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