EN Gastroenteric Low Fat Canine Dry and Canned Formulas

Dogs with compromised fat absorption have two new dietary options: Purina Pro Plan Veterinary Diet’s EN Gastroenteric Low Fat Canine Dry and Canned Formulas. Managing patients with compromised fat digestion can be tricky when dogs require a low-fat diet for their gastrointestinal health but must avoid weight loss. The new formula has low fat (g/100 kcal) yet it maintains a moderate caloric density of 327 kcal/cup and a high total digestibility of 88% to promote nutrient absorption. In addition, both new EN diets contain the prebiotic soluble fiber inulin, which nourishes beneficial bacterial in the GI tract, and antioxidants vitamins A and E to support a healthy immune system, including a high level of vitamin E to help reduce oxidative stress.

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