MYO POWER is a product for horses designed to support performance, endurance, normal muscle recovery and optimal lactic acid levels. Specifically formulated to benefit young and athletic horses where performance and endurance is important, it contains readily assimilated proteins originating from milk, in addition to the amino acid, L-Leucine. Active ingredients in the supplement are Calcium Caseinate, L-Leucine, Isoleucine and Valine. Product benefits include highly digestible short peptides from high quality protein sources and elevated L-Leucine concentration for supporting muscle recovery. Each scoop included with MYO POWER conveniently holds 25 grams. 75 grams per day can be administered to horses for up to 3 weeks for initial administration and then 50 grams per day for 2 weeks maintenance administration. Foals and ponies can receive 50 grams per day for up to three weeks for initial administration and then 25 grams per day for 2 weeks for maintenance administration.
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