Fatal-Plus Solution & Fatal-Plus Powder

Fatal-Plus has been a leading drug in the area of animal euthanasia, and is appropriate for all species (no species restrictions) because of its favorable syringability, which is generally not found in other animal euthanasia products. The dosage of Fatal-Plus is the same as other animal euthanasia products (one ml per 10 pounds of body weight). Thanks to its syringability, Fatal-Plus does not require cutting and its blue color allows for easy and safe product identification. Furthermore, Fatal-Plus is sold in a shatterproof plastic bottle making it ideal for the clinic settling. Fatal-Plus also works well in cold weather climates and is sold in a 250ml bottle, which is appreciated by large animal practitioners who periodically work outdoors in the winter months. Fatal-Plus is a ‘Schedule II’ product and must be ordered on the ‘D.E.A. 222 Form’ (U.S. Official OrderForms) by 2N license holders. Fatal-Plus is available direct from Vortech Pharmaceuticals from many states, and available everywhere from most major veterinary distributors.

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