Feliscratch by Feliway

Feliscratch offers a new solution to help cats scratch in the right places—preventing the request for declaw procedures, improving feline welfare and cutting down on cat relinquishments. It is clinically proven to stop and prevent both vertical and horizontal destructive scratching in the home by redirecting the cat from couches and curtains to his or her scratching post.

In clinical studies, Feliscratch attracted more than 80 percent of cats to use their scratching posts within the first week of use. More than 90 percent of cats never started destructive scratching when adopted into a new home using Feliscratch. Each package comes with nine individual applications of the pheromone, which are used as directed over the course of a month. With most cats, only one month of treatment is needed to transfer scratching from the area where damage is occurring onto a more appropriate spot.

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