Flu Avert I.N. Intranasal Applicator

Merck Animal Health has introduced its new Flu Avert I.N. Intranasal Applicator, a new intranasal applicator for administering the Flu Avert I.N. equine influenza vaccine. The applicator not only makes vaccination easier for the horse and veterinarian, but it also delivers enhanced mucosal coverage within the nasal cavity. It is 1-inch long and the vaccine is administered from just inside the ventral nares and is hardly noticeable to the horse. It atomizes the vaccine into a very fine mist, delivering it in a much smaller particle size than with other applicators. This allows the vaccine to reach further into the nasal cavity and cover a broader area of the nasal and pharyngeal mucosa. The new applicator is available to veterinarians beginning in January 2017.

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