iCalm Portable Music Player

iCalm Portable music players are available for both dogs and cats. The small-sized players are easy to use and easy to transport. Each is pre-loaded with clinically-tested music and can run for up to eight hours on a single charge. Extend play for 20+ hours with an optional accessory. Since 2008, veterinarians and dog trainers have recommended the compositions of Through a Dog’s Ear. The iCalmDog 3.0 player comes with four hours of preloaded music and can be expanded to offer audio programs for all stages of life, environments and situations. The iCalm Cat 3.0 player includes 3 hours of bioacoustically-designed music that helps by creating a consistent auditory environment. The Calming sound card comes with each iCalmCat. An optional Stimulation sound card provides fun music tracks to inspire playtime, and the Noise Phobia sound card helps Kitty calm and settle to indoor and outdoor sounds. Just swap sound cards in your player.

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