NoBowl Feeding System

The NoBowl Feeding System dispenses the dry food in a way that triggers the inborn feline seeking cycle of hunting, catching, playing with prey, eating, grooming and sleeping. It’s important for pet owners to understand that the instinct to hunt is hard-wired in every feline, and how a cat eats is just as important as what a cat eats. The NoBowl Feeding System helps to manage a cat’s weight, promote exercise, alleviate anxiety and prevent digestive issues as it transforms cats back into hunters. The NoBowl Feeding System is portion controlled. Feeding your cat an appropriate amount of food in small portions throughout the day will help them to maintain a healthy weight. Cats that have a healthy body weight live longer, healthier lives and reduce their risk of diabetes, heart disease and painful arthritis.

The NoBowl Feeding System includes a Portion Filler, a NoBowl Trainer, five Naked NoBowls and five mouse-shaped NoBowl Skins to cover the Naked NoBowls.