ONCEPT Canine Melanoma Vaccine, DNA

The vaccine aids in extending survival times of dogs with stage II or stage III oral melanoma and for which local disease control has been achieved (negative local lymph nodes or positive lymph nodes that were surgically removed or irradiated). Each dose contains plasmid DNA that expresses the gene coding for human tyrosinase. The tyrosinase protein is overexpressed on melanoma cells, and upon injection, the DNA is taken up by muscle cells which then express the human tyrosinase protein. The human tyrosinase protein is different enough from the canine tyrosinase protein that it will stimulate an immune response, yet similar enough to the canine tyrosinase that the immune response is effective against canine melanoma cells which express tyrosinase. The vaccine is administered in s 0.4 mL dose volume using the VET JET transdermal vaccination system, into the muscle of the medial thigh just caudal to the femur. Initial treatment requires administration of four doses of vaccine at two week intervals. A booster dose should be administered at six month intervals. The vaccine is packaged in a box containing four single-dose vials, sufficient for the initial series of vaccinations required to treat one dog.

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