Redonyl Ultra Soft Chews

Redonyl Ultra is a palatable, veterinary nutraceutical to support healthy skin function in dogs with seasonal allergies. Redonyl Ultra contains palmitoylethanolamide (PEA). It has been shown that PEA has a down regulating effect on mast cell degranulation in canine skin and the release of several biological mediators involved in the development of unhealthy skin. The PEA in Redonyl Ultra is ultra-micronized to allow improved distribution and diffusion of PEA in the body. Due to the patents held, no other animal health nutraceutical can contain micronized or ultra-micronized PEA. Redonyl Ultra will be available in two convenient, soft chew strengths, 100mg and 200mg, that can be used for dogs of all sizes. This formulation contains no wheat, chicken or beef and is flavored with a palatable hydrolyzed soy protein.
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