Resealable and Ultraviolet Inhibitant Bags

Resealable and ultraviolet-inhibitant bags are available from Medi-Dose in sizes from 1.5-by-2-inch to 18-by-24-inch in either clear or with a white writing block. Also available are numerous handling-instruction bags with imprints like “Return to pharmacy,” “Patient discharged,” “Oral,” “Freeze” and “IV.” Two sizes of crash cart bags and resealable narcotic return envelopes, as well as chemotherapy, biohazard, laboratory specimen and tamper-evident syringe bags, are also stock items. All these bags complement the assortment of Nultraviolet UV inhibitant bags and are stocked in sizes from 2.5-by-8.5-inch to 11-by-18-inch, ready for immediate shipment. Customized bags are available.

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