SleePee Time Bed

The SleePee Time Bed helps incontinent and aging dogs get a good night’s sleep, protecting the dog’s skin and the floor. It can also be used simply as a comfortable sleeping surface for any pet. Bedding surface made of wide-gauge vinyl-coated polyester fiber mesh. Urine flows through mesh to a sturdy tray underneath (only liquids will fall through). Soft, fleece bolsters and a pillow cuddle dog on all sides for warmth and security. Clean-up is easy; spray mesh bedding with a non-abrasive household cleaner and wipe, or spray down with a faucet or hose. Bolsters will stay clean and dry, but can easily be removed for hand washing and drying. Air circulates under pet to promote comfort and evaporation, which is better for pet’s skin. Bed is low to the ground, so it’s easy to step in or out of – helpful for dogs with orthopedic problems or mobility challenges.

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