Telescope for Cystoscopy and Transcervical Insemination

This endoscope, thanks to its versatility, can be used by veterinary professional to perform vaginoscopy, cystoscopy and transcervical insemination in medium and large size dogs (approximately 25 lbs. or larger). In addition to these procedures, it can also be used for urogenital examinations including sigmoidoscopy and ureteroscopy. This endoscope consists of a 300mm (12’’) long rigid rod lens insertion probe, with a 4mm diameter and a 30° direction of view, and a diagnostic or operational sheath (30Fr. in the widest part), with three working channels, two fluid ports for irrigation, suction, or insufflation, and a third channel for flexible forceps or a catheter. The working length of the sheath is 255mm (10”).

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