Televet 100 - Telemetric ECG & Holter

Televet 100 enables the veterinary surgeon to monitor an animal during its normal daily activities. A telemetric two channel system, especially developed for small and large animals, allows convenient ECG recordings at rest as well as during exercise. In telemetric mode the data is transmitted in real-time. The ECG is displayed on a notebook or PC and stored on the hard disk. In Holter mode, data is stored on a standard SD-Card which is plugged into the ECG device for up to 30 hours. Telemetric mode and Holter mode can be used in parallel, to ensure an ECG is always recorded. The system includes software which enables recordings to be reviewed at any time, printed or emailed for a second opinion. The system supports detection of fetal heart rate in pregnant mares. The software extracts the fetal signal of the abdominal ECG where the main vector of the mares ECG is used as reference. The fetal heart rate can be displayed during recording or review of the data. A heart rate graph visualizes the fetal heart rate. The software also includes a 24 hour analysis module for small animal.

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