Terason uSmart 3200T
UMI presents the best combination of value and performance in veterinary ultrasound with the Terason uSmart 3200T.
What you can expect from UMI and Terason that you will not get with any other ultrasound partner:
- Best performance-per-dollar ratio in ultrasound when you consider image quality, feature sets and warranty coverage over price
- A five year warranty with loaners available from a truly American company dedicated to producing portable ultrasound
- Web-based remote access to every ultrasound system by tech support and training personnel to increase accessibility while reducing downtime and cost of ownership
- An active PC desktop that allows the most networking options to PACS/EMR/EHR and the flexibility to download third-party programs onto the ultrasound system
- Massive and dependable 250 GB to 1 TB Solid State Hard drives for incredible speed and expansive storage
- United Medical Instruments, Inc. cultivates a partnership that begins with your evaluation process and continues through the duration of ownership.
- Before you purchase from a veterinary ultrasound vendor dedicated to one product line, call UMI for a consultative approach that will provide the full picture.
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