Thermofield hyperthermia deep tissue heating system

Midmark Animal Health has introduced the Thermofield hyperthermia deep tissue heating system, a device used to treat cancerous superficial tumors. In a portable, safe package, Thermofield provides noninvasive deep-tissue heating for superficial tumors located within four centimeters of the skin’s surface. To date, researchers have successfully used Thermofield technology in dogs, cats and horses. Treatments involve combining heat with standard modalities like chemotherapy and radiotherapy to make them more effective. Initial pilot studies focused on patients that had failed standard treatments like chemotherapy, radiotherapy and surgery and were considered untreatable. When used in combination with carboplatin chemotherapy, subsequent hyperthermia treatments were effective in obtaining full or partial responses in more than 80 percent of patients with an average duration of seven months to more than two years. For fastest response visit

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