Vet2Pet is a practice-specific, customizable app that allows veterinarians to communicate with clients through new and efficient channels. The app’s function and appearance are easily modified with the branding of each individual practice, creating a unique and specific app for practices. The app features a loyalty program that rewards clients for their business, and it allows clients to contact the veterinary practice to request refills of pet food and prescriptions, upload a selfie of their pet and receive instant messages from the practice.

Two new additional features inclue breed-specific notifications, which lets veterinarians send notifications to owners of more than 100 canine and 10 feline breeds on such topics as medical conditions, breed-specific risks and recommended diets, and custom list notifications, which enables practices to send push notifications to specific groups of clients. For example, a practice could create a list of patients that haven’t had a heartworm test or a list of geriatric cats that haven’t had wellness bloodwork, and send specific notifications to these groups to increase compliance.

Vet2Pet is available independently or in conjunction with Patterson’s client communications platform, ePetHealth, as a comprehensive marketing solution. Visit or Patterson Veterinary's website below.

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