Veterinary Internship in Shelter Medicine

Two internship positions are available to veterinarians who are licensed to practice veterinary medicine in Texas. These internships would consist of working under the mentorship of multiple associate veterinarians for a one year period. Candidates would get excellent hands-on experience in challenging medical cases and various types of surgeries. APA! performs surgeries each day ranging from routine high quality/high volume spay/neuter, routine soft tissue surgeries and emergency surgeries, to onsite orthopedic surgeries with a board specialist. These internship positions will work closely with technicians and support staff/volunteers in providing the most effective medical care to our rescue animals. These positions will receive training in veterinary life-saving techniques on the basis of low cost treatment and quick, yet efficient exams with the goal of providing quality of life and finding forever homes. This maximizes the number of lives saved by providing quality medical care in a cost efficient and time effective manner.

The ideal candidates would have a high interest in learning how to save as many lives as possible and be comfortable with triage, using systems and protocols, as well as a high volume medical/surgical caseload. These candidates should be excited by the challenge of making decisions based on physical examination/carefully chosen diagnostics/history without all the bells and whistles of a full lab/referral hospital. These positions require physical capabilities to be outside in the heat, as well as the ability to bend over to treat animals on the floor and lift animals off of the floor. The curriculum would include a combination of working in the medical clinic under the mentorship of senior clinicians, as well as participating in rotations with other departments that work hand in hand with the clinic to efficiently save lives. Scheduling would need to be flexible as work weeks would be 5 days a week, consisting of 8-12 hour days depending on the number of patients seen each day. Applicants would need to be comfortable spending time outside of work hours researching cases, as well as having a weekly case to present in detail about at weekly rounds sessions. Also, the applicants will be on call every other week, initially under mentorship of senior veterinarians. The first internship opening is available immediately and the second is available starting January 2019.

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