The Veterinary Receptionist's Handbook, Third Edition

Veterinary receptionists are the first people clients meet when arriving and the last seen when leaving, and these key liaisons can dramatically influence client loyalty and the conversion of price shoppers. Authored by M. T. McClister and Amy Midgley, two experts on the intricacies of veterinary office workflows, this handbook is written as a training tool that the whole team can use or that a new receptionist can review on her own to accelerate the learning curve. 

In addition to commonsense advice from experienced receptionists, it offers clear, concise instructions on elements of animal care and veterinary customer service such as scheduling appointments, answering the phone, interacting with clients, contributing to practice marketing, handling emergencies, dispensing drugs. It also contains helpful answers to common questions about medical problems, surgical procedures including spay/neuter procedures, diagnostic tests, vaccinations, parasite control, and issues related to both small animals and horses.

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