Vets Against Insanity card game

Practicing veterinary medicine is rewarding, important and often all-consuming. It can also be awkward, annoying and (on most days) downright disgusting. Sometimes, all you can do is laugh about it. Enter Vets Against Insanity: a fun, slightly scandalous take on the work and life of a veterinary professional.

Who should play:

• Veterinary professionals (can be various states of frustrated/happy/slightly drunk/completely sober/tired/overworked)
• Anyone who recently had to squeeze a dog's anal glands
• Everyone who recently thought, "I'll have to laugh about this so I don't cry"

At its best, Vets Against Insanity is a hilarious tool designed to inspire veterinary professionals to take risks, laugh more, pursue personal development and enjoy more professional satisfaction and success.

Warning: You can play with the regular folks in your life, but do you really want to deal with the blank stares you’ll get after playing "radiolucent bladder stones"?