Wet/dry cleaning system

Long gone is the need to sweep or pre–vacuum. Vacuum suction, fresh water and proportioned disinfectant are always available on demand. The floors and kennels are left virtually dry and ready to walk across or occupy. The machines automatically drain themselves and all motors are exhausted outdoors. With extraction and low-pressure fresh water and disinfectant spray, all soils and contaminants are automatically sent down the drain or exit through the exhaust lines to the outside. This greatly improves your indoor air environment, reduces indoor moisture, and saves your staff from coming into contact with the messes. On-demand fresh water means no spreading of dirty mop bucket water. Proportioned disinfectant perfectly mixes your solution, removing the guesswork and possible over-mixing. Automatic draining saves labor time, and saving labor time is saving money. Reduce bacteria and possible cross contamination in your facility by installing a built-in system that is a perfect fit for your cleaning needs.

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